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Quick takes on whatever is at the top of our nightstand pile (we're reading as fast as we can in the hopes it all doesn't come down on us while we sleep). Generally if it made it to the nightstand, it is something we have been looking forward to reading—so mostly positive reviews here. And all under 500 words!


Pieter Coudyzer, Outburst (SelfMadeHero, 2017). $22.95, hc.


This is one of the most visually arresting books I have read in some time. Sadly the script doesn’t come close to keeping pace with the art, in what ends up being a fairly trite story of alienation and isolation (and unfortunate "inadvertant" revenge) that fails to connect us to the characters nearly as powerfully as it does to the art. Coudyzer is an animator, and certainly it is often the case that the transition from animation to comics doesn’t always go well for debut books. But his sense of the visual rhythms and unique affordances of graphic narrative is strong, so the problems lie not with the medium but wholly with the script. One can’t help feeling that we are getting here a story idea that was wisely rejected by the collaborators necessary to bring animations to life, with the graphic novel being a stubborn declaration—one worthy of the protagonist of Outburst—of “I’ll show you!”

What he showed is wholly worth looking at, and for a long time. However, I am not convinced, in the end, it is worth the reading